Exclusive video premiere: Moving Quietly from Calgary nu soul artist Uyemi

Slow, sensual, intimate, immediate.

There are only soft, warm words to describe the sweet soul of R&B songstress Uyemi, the way she works her way inside your heart and mind.

Nowhere can that be heard more perfectly than on the dreamy track Moving Quietly, the first single off the Nigerian-born, Calgary-based artist’s new EP Butterfly Effect, which will be released Dec. 8.

“There were moments in my first serious relationship where I felt like I wanted to protect it from the outside world by keeping it private,” Uyemi says of the inspiration behind the song. 

“While it brought so much joy, it also brought a lot of drama with family and friends. It got to a point where it felt best to just keep our relationship to ourselves and move quietly about our love. When everything was spiralling in other aspects of my life, everything felt peaceful when we were together. 

“After that experience, the idea of ‘moving quietly’ sort of became a mantra for how I wanted to live my life.” 

And that approach serves her music exquisitely.

Serving it and Uyemi’s moody methods even more wonderfully is the new video for Moving Quietly, which finds the chanteuse delivering the dusky number in a late-night glow, her singing it proudly from the rooftops and whispering it quietly curled up among the sheets.

TheYYSCENE is proud to premiere the video for Moving Quietly, which perfectly showcases an artist very much on the rise.


(Photo courtesy Cordell Jomha.)