The Boys Are Back In Town: Trailer Park Boys Bubbles, Ricky and Julian ready to cheers Calgary Expo’s 15 years

They are, arguably, as much a part of Canadian comic TV character lore as Bob and Doug, and Red Green.

(We’ll leave the King of Kensington and Louis Del Grande out of this discussion, for proper respect.)

No, they weren’t the sketch magicians that SCTV, Kids In the Hall, Dr. Bundolo or Four on the Floor were, but they sustained their drunken, f-ed up personas a lot longer than most would have expected, revisiting the same themes of lubrication, lawlessness and casual violence, both verbal and physical, to amass a following that remains as fervent and, probably, as high as shit as they were that long ago.

The Trailer Park Boys.

Canada’s preeminent, um, the nation’s most, er, the  … Shit, I don’t even know where to take that.

But Canada’s The Trailer Park Boys, who hit the nation’s small screens more than 20 years ago, remain one of the most revered and beloved cult comedic characters to come from the country’s haha pipeline, living on here and in the States through reruns and live appearances.

Currently, the boys, Bubbles, Ricky and Julian (presumably, they have real names — you look ’em up) are working on a new film, and have some other things on the go.

Before that, though, they’ll hit the Calgary and Comic Entertainment Expo’s 15th anniversary celebrations taking place at Stampede Park in late April.

What can you expect?

Fuck. What else would you expect but The Trailer Park Boys.

They answered some questions from theSCENE before they hit town.

Q: Hey boys, how goes it? How’s life in Sunnyvale right now?

Julian: Things are looking up now that this god damn pandemic is almost over. 

Ricky: Yeah, good thing because living in the woods and eating firepit squirrel sucked cock.

Bubbles: Well I didn’t think it was so bad. I spent a lot of time with my kitties and put an addition on my shed. 

Q: Are you happy to be coming to Alberta where Jason Kenney 

singlehandedly defeated COVID?

Ricky: Who the fuck is Jason Kenney? 

Q: Any good and lastings memories about Calgary and the convention?

Bubbles:  Uhm, we don’t know because we aren’t there yet. Are you a little fucked in the head bud?

Q: Anything people should know about what they’ll get when they hang 

with you at Calgary Expo? What should they not ask you?

Julian: Don’t ask me for a drink of my rum. That’s gross man.  Also, bring a lot of money. I may have some shit happening in the parking lot of Stampede Park, but I can’t go into details right now. Just bring cash. 

Bubbles: Julian, can’t we just say that we are super excited to see everyone? I might even buy another cowboy hat for my Bubbles and The Shit Rockers suit.  Oh, and cowboy boots!

Ricky:  Weed is legal in Calgary, right? And you can buy booze on just about every corner, right? You can expect us to be fucking stoned and drunk, that’s what you’ll get. Anyone know if the Flames are playing? I can’t wait to get to Manitoba, Boys!

Julian:  Alberta, Ricky. 

Q: And finally: How fucked up will you be? And where can we meet you?

Ricky: I plan to be drunk as fuck. Drunk as FUCK. Woo hoo FAN EXPO, baby!

Julian: Sorry man, Ricky, shut the fuck up. We will be a nice level of banged up.  

Bubbles: (Eyeroll) 

The Trailer Park Boys will be at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo on Friday April 22, Saturday April 23 and Sunday April 24.