Have Yourself A Saucy Little XXXmas: Naughty But Nice a spicy holiday treat

Playwrights/composers: Matt Board, Dan Perrott, Grant Tilly, Jeff Thomson, Jordan Mann and G.F. Handel with Joe Slabe. Music composed and/or arranged by Joe Slabe and Konrad Pluta.

Production company/theatre space: Forte Musical Theatre, cSPACE arts hub King Edward.

Length: One act (90 minutes).

Genre(s): Musical cabaret.

Premise: Four performers along with musical director, lyricist and composer Joe Slabe sing 18 irreverent and comedic Xmas songs.

Why this play? Why now?:In its ninth year, it’s Calgary’s second longest running Xmas-themed show.


Curiosities: I wondered if improvising lyrics in Get out of the Fucking Way was really their strong suit. Still, it was the only Xmas ball that got dropped. Having worked so hard to include us in all the jokes, I wondered why fingers were pointed at us with derision making us the bad guys in the song Miss Gender?

Notable moment: I’m still a big fan of Why Do I Live Where the Air Hurts My Face?

Notable writing: The songs comprise every double entendre of “package,” “Santa’s coming,” and “stuff the stocking.” There are also a couple of songs with heart which is a lovely counterbalance.

Notable performances: All four performers are a holiday treat. Veteran Scott Olynek returns to reprise his comedic saucy role. Powerhouse singer Katelyn Morishita can deliver both sweet and sexy. Zach Colangelo is a fun addition and can belt like nobody’s business. Jamie Tognazzini is delightfully funny and filthy.

Notable design/production: Eden Slabe-Hutchinson provides screen animations of various Santas, elves and reindeer as a backdrop to JP Thibodeau’s leveled set, which displays the prerequisite tree, presents and snowflakes. cSPACE seems like a good new home for the production.

Notable direction: JP Thibodeau can always be counted on to deliver the metaphorical goods.

One reason to see this show Get a sitter, have a glass of wine, and enjoy the Xmas fun.

Naughty but Nice Nine Live runs until Dec. 23. at cSpace King Edward.