NVR NUDE Pop-Up at LA CHIC showcases jewelry for the modern woman

Are you looking for that perfect piece of jewelry that makes a statement but also has a wonderful story to tell? 

On Feb. 23, NVR NUDE (pronounced Never-nude) had a pop-up shop in LA CHIC which showcased for the public just how high quality these exquisite accessories truly are. 

NVR NUDE is a Calgary-based brand that isn’t just about the finest jewelry a person can get but is made with great care, love, and with the modern woman in mind. Female owned and operated, all pieces are made by ethically sourced materials and found in Canada. 

The artisans of this jewel-based business understand that each woman is unique. She could be playful and delicate but also sensible and timeless. She cherishes all things chic and is completely unapologetic about it. She is brave and powerful. This is what NVR NUDE puts into their work and it shows. 

Kelsey Merkeley

The creative director and lead designer, Kelsey Merkeley, was inspired to create something magnificent for this particular event. She creates many pieces out of extraordinary inspirations from her travels and connecting with people from other cultures. But this time she has come up with something extra special: the Queen Elizabeth II ring. Made in celebration of her longstanding reign, 50 per cent of the proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society which the Queen herself had supported for many years.

“The Queen was a remarkable woman,” Merkeley says. “She has made many sacrifices to help her country and the world. She has strong leadership skills, a great deal of diplomacy, and yet was still a humble person.”

This is why Kelsey created such a stunning piece of art. The ring itself is a dazzling round and princess cut white and blue cubic zirconias that are paired with fresh water pearls on a sterling silver band. Each ring has its own engraved sequence number that any jewelry collector would be proud to own. There are only 70 rings and are on sale until April 30, 2023. 

Queen Elizabeth II ring

Along with that special ring, NVR NUDE at the pop-up also showed off some other captivating pieces like rings, earrings and necklaces from the Signature Stripes Collection. 

This event was held at the LA CHIC clothing store, which is in downtown’s Banker’s Hall. LA CHIC was founded in 1976 and it became one of Calgary’s most prominent fashion destinations for all to explore. Customers can find many exclusive designer clothing and the finest articles all the way from Europe. Known for its elegant storefronts and knowledgeable staff, LA CHIC prides themselves on creating a shopping experience like no other. Brands you can find at LA CHIC include Akris Punto, ETRO, Fabiana Filippi, Marc Cain and so much more.

There was no better way to spend an afternoon than to meet the savvy, innovative owners of LA CHIC and NVR NUDE. To celebrate local entrepreneurs, creating brand awareness for small businesses, and helping all of those who were touched with the horrible disease that is cancer is a good if not great reason to engage. 

“The small things are worth celebrating,” is another quote from Kelsey that she hopes others will take with them when they see her pieces. 

Complimentary food and beverages were provided at the pop-up and it was that much easier to find a gem that a person will always treasure. 

If that special someone in your life is looking for something unique and memorable, you can look at their website You might just find something in the collections or they also do custom-made jewelry as well. The options are endless.