DAVID BAZAN – Fewer Moving Parts


There was never any doubt that David Bazan was the brains behind Pedro the Lion but as sole songwriter performer and producer on Fewer Moving Parts he proves once and for all what he is capable of. While most singer-songwriters trade in cliche Bazan uses poetry to construct some of the most economical prose you have ever heard. With five new tracks repeated in demo form to close the album Fewer Moving Parts puts the focus on songwriting illustrating the evolution from acoustic home recordings to brilliantly fleshed-out studio gems. Even if they weren’t empirically some of Bazan’s best songs their construction is so solid that they almost defy criticism. Album opener "Selling Advertising" is a smooth condemnation of music critics urging them to actually put themselves on the line instead of hiding behind clever jabs. Title track "Fewer Moving Parts" expounds on the pros and cons of going solo. When Bazan isn’t eloquently contextualizing his creative choices he’s penning remarkably dark narratives about fractured psyches and unchecked aggression. Fewer Moving Parts proves Bazan is not only one of the most interesting performers out there but one of the best lyricists working today.