Weekly Leaks June 1

There was a lot of high-profile stuff posted online this week that I’m not even going to touch. Jay-Z and Kanye’s visuals for “No Church in the Wild” were hyped to no end but they ended up looking like an even more embarrassing version of the Vancouver hockey riots. Then there was the Black Keys teaming up with Harmony Korine for a new video a team up of the most overrated people in their respective fields. Forget all that here are some things that I was very stoked on this week:

Young Guv and the Scuzz “Heal Over Time”

Ben Cook of Fucked Up Marvelous Darlings and No Warning fame has continued his prolific output as Young Governor. Performing with a full band as Young Guv and the Scuzz the new track “Heal Over Time” is easily Cook’s best song since “Virginia Creeper” all power pop cockiness and riffs on riffs on riffs.

Dan Deacon “Lots”

It’s been a long time since Dan Deacon released his fantastic album Bromst but he’ll return this August for a new album called America . If first leak “Lots” is any indication it will show a huge return to the joyful fun of Spiderman of the Rings .

Bosse-de-Nage “The God Ennui”

Later this month Ontario label Profound Lore will release III the third album from Bay Area black metal quartet Bosse-de-Nage. Following in the footsteps of bands like Liturgy and Krallice this is definitely more of that black metal that will be disparaged for it’s “hipster”-ness. But trading in goofy corpse paint for interesting compositions and elements of other genres is only a good thing in my books. Honestly this song just sounds like early 2000s Level Plane releases in the best possible way.

Lil B Water is D.M.G.

Did you guys really think Lil B’s classical album Choices and Flowers (which hit #6 on Billboard ’s new age chart by the way) was enough? Of course not! Instead Brandon hit us with another 32 tracks of Based bliss including some mental freestyles and weirdo tracks like “Shooting Star” which opens “There goes the Based God heeey he’s in space! I’m lying I’ll never know the Based God. Oops I do know the Based God I need to believe in myself a little more.” Very rare collector’s item.

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Curren$y vs. Nardwuar / Stoned Immaculate

Rapping weed enthusiast Curren$y has continued his surprising-for-a-stoner work ethic with the release of a new album called Stoned Immaculate next week. Rather than wait however you can stream the whole thing now courtesy of Complex . As a bonus check out the rapper’s recent meet and greet with Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

B-Lines “Tell Me”

I forgot to post this last week but Vancouver’s B-Lines (full disclosure: people that I am friends with in real life) have just dropped a new track called “Tell Me.” It’s kind of like a Killed by Death answer to Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” as frontman Ryan Dyck pieces together his drunken escapades atop no-bullshit musicianship. Add some wild guitar solos and group vocals and B-Lines have dropped another hit.

<a href="http://b-lines.bandcamp.com/album/tell-me" mce_href="http://b-lines.bandcamp.com/album/tell-me">Tell Me by B-Lines</a>