Goings on – Week of July 26 2012

You know what’s not funny any more? Making puns where the word “fuck” is replaced with “folk.” I know you guys think you’re being all cute and funny but it’s getting really tired. With that in mind there’s not a whole lot of funny ways left to talk about Calgary Fuck er Folk Fest.

But it doesn’t have to be funny with a ton of cool stuff happening as all types of folks invade Prince’s Island Park between Thursday July 26 and Sunday July 29. It’s not really fair to zoom in on specific acts but we’ve prepared a nice little package of articles in this very issue to gear you up for the weekend.

If you’re not fucking folking your brains out this weekend however there’s actually a lot of other stuff going on at the same time. Thursday July 26 is a busy night. For one thing heavy metal legends Iron Maiden will stop by the Saddledome as part of their Maiden England tour. Sure you’ll have to sit through wacky-haired prog-emo geeks Coheed and Cambria but it’s totally worth it for an evening with Eddie.

Eddie won’t be the only creep hitting the stage however as perverted pop provocateur Mac DeMarco will bring his sultry jams to Broken City that same night. Touring in support of his Rock and Roll Nightclub EP part of DeMarco’s charm is that the line between sincerity and dicking around is so blurry. There’s no denying the quality of his music but there’s an equal possibility that the night will devolve into juvenile delinquency and male nudity. Fun!

I’m starting to think that Vancouver’s next big musical export will be the rise of twee-as-fuck indie pop. Woolworm are at the forefront of this burgeoning scene all airy vocals summery melodies and a general sense of melancholy. While previous releases had a ramshackle bedroom quality their upcoming full-length Believe in Ourselves offers a warm blanket of guitars that can only come from some proper studio work. Here’s hoping that translates well when they play The Palomino on Friday July 27.

Maybe Iron Maiden will have you in a metal mood though and you won’t want to dick around with a bunch of pansies listening to indie pop. Fair enough bro (or bro-ette). Don’t you worry because there’s some serious riffage going down at Broken City on Friday courtesy of Ohio thrashers Skeletonwitch and Ontario guitar heroes Barn Burner . Will it be a packed room of dudes with beards and their girlfriends who’d also grow beards if they could? Probably but for many of you it’ll also be a fist-pumping good time.