Quickdraw Animation Society seeks animators for Chris Reimer tribute

Image courtesy of the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund

Chris Reimer the beloved Calgarian musician and artist who tragically passed away in February of last year will now be treated to an animated tribute show courtesy of the Quickdraw Animation Society and the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund.

The local organization is seeking animators to participate in Dude That’s Insane a 10-minute short film that will feature some of Reimer’s drawings along with segments of his recorded music. Each animator will contribute a 20 second piece that opens and closes with one of Reimer’s drawings. The final results will be sewn together to create the film.

Artists are encouraged to submit a brief statement and a sample of their work to Quickdraw by January 15 2014. The final film is expected to be complete by the fall of 2014.

For more information on this project go here .