The Glenbow showcases portraits by Bryan Adams

Attendees of this year’s Schmancy The Glenbow’s annual fundraiser were not only treated to an evening of fun food and art this past Saturday but also to an informal Q&A with this year’s guest Bryan Adams. Adams is currently performing his Bare Bones Tour throughout North America and is heading to Europe in the spring.

Adams is best known as a musician and a celebrity. What may be surprising to some is that he’s also a talented photographer. A sample of his work is currently on display at The Glenbow in an exhibition that opened February 23.

Bryan Adams – Exposed is a fantastic selection of portraits taken over the years mostly of celebrities and friends. From Morrissey to Helena Bonham Carter to Sir Ben Kingsley (not to mention my personal favourite — Bryan Ferry. Swoon!) Adams has created quite the catalogue of portraits all of which manage to reveal something personal about both the subject and the artist himself. Adams’ ability to draw out his subject’s personality results in some pretty impressive moments captured on camera.

Perhaps the most striking of the portraits in the exhibition are not of celebrities at all but of soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and returned with life-changing injuries. These striking images of soldiers baring themselves and their wounds for the camera which have been featured in Adams’ book Wounded: The Legacy of War are truly touching and inspiring.

Exposed runs until May 4.Go see it!