Scene In the Wild Podcask: Episode No. 8, Calgary musician and writer Rae Spoon

A truly unique and inspiring artist and individual, Calgary-born Rae Spoon is my latest guest on the Scene In the Podcask.

The musician and writer was in town for a Wordfest appearance where they launched their latest project, a “booklet” titled How to Hide Behind Your Songs.

During this conversation, which took place on Oct. 11, 2017, at the Wild Rose Taproom, we discussed such subjects as: Spoon’s harrowing childhood upbringing in the city and their relationship with it now; their desire to seek out collaboration with other artists; a switch from country music to more electronic-based art; their varied projects which include albums, books, theatrical productions and soundtracks; the new “political” slant their music is taking; and how a recent diagnosis with ADHD has affected their writing process.

It was another great conversation and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did.

Thanks very much to Spoon for taking time out of their day for the chat, to Lorrie Matheson (a.k.a. Chucklehead) for producing Scene In the Wild at his Arch Audio Studio, and, as always, to Wild Rose Brewery for sponsoring it and hosting us in their amazing Taproom.

If you did enjoy it, please check out the other episodes on this site or download them for free at the iTunes store.


(Photo courtesy Tom Joy.)