Scene In the Wild Podcask: Episode No. 19, Calgary Commissioner of Film, Television and Creative Industries and COO of Calgary Film Centre

It’s an industry that all Albertans are proud of.

When we see a film like Unforgiven or The Revenant, or watch a show such as Fargo and cheer on its many Oscar or Emmy wins, we say, “That was here. That was us.”

That said, there’s also a stigma when it comes to the arts in this province — the funds that go towards it, the benefits it provides, and a general resentment of those who rely upon it for a living.

That’s why it was a pleasure to sit down with longtime Alberta arts administrator Luke Azevedo for a Podcask interview.

Meeting with Mr. Alzevedo for a chat at the Wild Rose Taproom, we talked about all of those things — the successes, the challenges, the talented people who are part of the local industry, as well as his own experiences and career.

As the Calgary International Film Festival kicks into high gear, and many of this area’s filmmakers and filmmaking professionals, are thrust into the spotlight, it seemed like an excellent time to talk about the industry, its health, those who are a part of it, and where it is headed.

My thanks to Mr. Azevedo, Podcask producer Lorrie Matheson, the folks at the Wild Rose Taproom who hosted us, and Wild Rose, itself, who support the arts in this city.

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