Postcard Profile of Karen Johnson-Diamond

Caroline Russell-King continues her “Postcard” series with a profile of actor Karen Johnson-Diamond (with a nod to Bernard Pivot and James Lipton).

What is the next project for you?

In January I’m doing Death Trap at Vertigo Theatre.

How do you contribute to this piece?

Acting in it using a Dutch accent.

What is your greatest creative challenge?

Dutch accents.

What turns you on creatively?

Improvising, Brianne Strong, my mum and anything that Cole Cseke and Ellen Close dream up.

What turns you off creatively? 

Movies from the ’70s and ’80s with Martin Mull.

What’s one thing you’re really good at?

Scrabble (I’m good at finding opportunities to play!) and loving teenagers.

If you could resurrect and share a bottle of wine with a dead person who would it be? 

Jimmy Stewart.

What is one thing you wish you’d know sooner?

In the words of Bob White: “This is a play; that’s life – it’s more important.”

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

ASL interpreter for theatre.

What is one piece of advice you would give to the person who wants to do what you do?

Start your RRSP now!

What would you do with extreme wealth? 

A hair sink in my house and a daily scalp massage.

(Photo of Karen Johnson-Diamond courtesy Caroline Russell-King.)

Caroline Russell-King is a playwright, dramaturg, and instructor. She is a member of The Playwrights Guild of Canada, the Dramatist Guild of America and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You can find her work here