Five to see at BIG Winter Classic: Thursday

Monsoon Moon, Broken City, 7 p.m.: Jingly jangly lo-fi rock from this Vancouver duo — not to be confused with the also superduper Sasky dream-pop act Too Soon Monsoon playing at The Palomino at 9:15 (you could/should also see them, too).

The Suppliers, Inner City Brewing, 8:15 p.m.: A reunion gig for this popular #yyc band from only a few years ago. Don’t miss it. Hell, they were so good — heavy melodicism rolled in a crunch and wrapped in the siren scream of Ashtyn Beaudette and the gnarly guitar of Kirill Telichev. Past glories make new memories.

Night Committee, The Palomino (basement), 10 p.m.: The best.

Shannon and the Clams, Broken City, 10:30 p.m.: This Oakland act trade in twangy retro-pop that recalls the girl groups’ glory days. Vocalist Shannon Shaw has such a bright, brash, brassy amazingly antiquated delivery that you’ll think you’re in a different time, want to be in a different time. Simply gorgeous.

Jesse and the Dandelions, The Palomino, 11:30 p.m.: Some dreamy sugar-pop prettiness to end your first BIG 2019 evening. This Dirt City crew led by songwriter Jesse Northey will lull you with their loveliness. Not shoegaze, not not shoegaze, they’ll make you think of XTC, The La’s, The Lilac Time and any other band that thinks lovely isn’t something to aspire to.

BIG Winter Classic runs Thursday, Jan. 24 until Sunday, Jan. 27 at various venues. For tickets and the full schedule please go to https://www.bigwinterclassic.com/ .