Eau Claire Distillery launches Saskatoon Honey Gin just in time for spring and the much anticipated prairie patio season

It’s a weird auditory illusion or perhaps it’s Freudian or maybe it’s even science, speaking to something in the DNA of Canadian prairie-dwellers.

Someone says, “Patio weather,” and you invariably hear “Patio drinks.”

Because of course you do and of course you should.

And with the arrival of one comes the announcement of another — this one is from the fabulous folks of Eau Claire Distillery who have launched another tasty spirit timed for the beginning of spring.

The Turner Valley treasure has just unveiled a Saskatoon Honey Gin perfect for quenching any thirst the coming sunny months should bring.

“The Saskatoon Honey Gin is an excellent spring gin,” says Eau Claire Distillery’s master distiller, Caitlin Quinn, in the announcement. “Light and floral, but not too sweet, it’s launching just in time for the first day of spring.”

This is actually something of a relaunch, as it was originally a special edition release for a special Eat North dinner series, given a larger batch release because it scored so beautifully with attendees and sold out immediately.

The new batch will be sold in 750ml bottles for around $58. It’s available beginning March 20 from select liquor stores, and will be available beginning Thursday, March 21st at the Eau Claire Distillery Calgary Farmers Market Booth and then the next day from the distillery’s Turner Valley tasting room.

And although you presumably know how you prefer the way you get your required gin intake, the distillery has a suggestion that’s perfect for the patio — the Honey Gin Gimlet. Here’s the recipe. 

Please enjoy responsibly on the patio of your choice.

Honey Gin Gimlet

2 oz Saskatoon Honey Gin

1 oz simple syrup

1 oz lime juice

2 dashes of rose water

Garnish with lemongrass

Shake and strain into a martini glass