Calgary pop-rock act reijo premiere the video for their new single The Future

The Future is … now.

And despite the doom and gloom it’s looking pretty good for local alt-rock act reijo.

The veteran Calgary quartet are getting set to release their third studio album — the followup to their 2011 debut, the presciently titled When the World Starts Again and their 2015 sophomore effort Tomorrowland — and are giving the world a little taste by premiering the video for the first single from that record, The Future. 

The song, itself, is a dreamy slice of Brit-inspired, pop melodicism — bright, pretty, quietly anthemic and instilled with a sense of sonic hope.

Of the track, the band says: “The Future’ was written for the completion of the studio recording sessions for the third album … It has a feel of the last song on an album; the band in the room and someone starts playing, the rest try to jam and lock into (it). (The song is) a nice reflection of this hard-working group of artists who have put their soul and energy into doing something they love and at the end there is the uncertainty of what will truly come of it. So, the uncertainty and trepidation becomes the strength of the song and, by the end as a group, they lock in to something that culminates into a special moment of cohesion and power and confidence of experience together.

“We’re providing hope. We’re holding on to The Future that will be better than before. The message, the group, the song, want to give hope. We’re all connected. We all matter. The Future is beauty. We’ll get there when we can. Hold on …”

Check out the video below and visit them on their Bandcamp page to buy the track and support reijo moving forward.