Eau Claire Distillery sends you into spring and summer with thirst-quenching new canned cocktail Spruce Berry Smash

Well, congratulate yourselves southern Albertans: we got through the May long weekend without a dump of snow.

Sure, it’s a little soggy outside right now, but we still had a nice little taste of what’s to come.

Want a better one?

Turner Valley-based Eau Claire Distillery has just released its fruity new premixed cocktail confection, the canned vodka Spruce Berry Smash beverage.

So delicious.

Perfectly described by the beloved, local beverage maker thusly, it is “a delicious mix of Eau Claire Vodka, juicy raspberries, fragrant spruce and a touch of honey for natural sweetness. Upon first sip, this well-balanced canned cocktail begins with a light spruce flavour and aroma delightfully mixed with sweet raspberries.”

As for the inspiration behind the cocktail — which joins Eau Claire’s popular line that also includes a pair of gin-based premixed drinks, the Parlour Gin & Tonic and Cherry Gin Collins, and another previously released vodka-based drink, EquineOx Mule — Master Distiller, Caitlin Quinn, says, “we wanted to create a canned cocktail that would remind spirit lovers of flavours found across Alberta. Inspired by the spruce tips of the Rocky Mountains and wild raspberries found in the prairies, the name Spruce Berry Smash represents a combination of truly Albertan flavours. There’s nothing quite like it!”

No, there isn’t.

Easy drinking, refreshing and a little forest exotic, thanks to that spruce flavour — as if you’re licking a Christmas tree, with a summer berry chaser — the 6% thirst quencher is sold in four-packs of 355 ml cans for around $14.49, and is available from the distillery as well as Calgary Coop Wine, Spirits and Beer, Highlander Wine and Spirits, Kensington Wine Market, and at Sobeys and Safeway liquor stores throughout the province.

Here’s to a sunny spring and summer.