Inglewood Night Market continues helping its community remain alive and vibrant

It goes without saying that this has been a challenging year for local businesses. With our ability to gather in groups as we once did currently diminished, it’s been up to businesses to re-imagine what their events, and success in the days of COVID will look like going forward.

The Inglewood Night Market has been shining the spotlight on local vendors and the neighbourhood of Inglewood, itself, reminding all Calgarians that the community is a vibrant and fun destination within our city. And, in an effort to keep that momentum going, the market organizers are taking the market indoors for the month of November.

Market organizer Shannon McNally notes the support of Inglewood’s residents and businesses was instrumental in the summertime market’s success. And, although there are a few things different with the indoor market, the team is working to ensure the best, and safest, possible experience for the public. 

“Attendees and shoppers can expect the same feel from our vendors and the event itself,” McNally explains, adding that, “the main differences are the inability to host an open street market event and the temporary change to components of our live entertainment.” 

Otherwise, it’s business as usual – just indoors.

The market, itself, is comprised completely of Calgary vendors, makers, businesses and artists, with an emphasis on curating an experience as opposed to just having a more random-styled market. It’s a great opportunity for folks to shop for anything from chocolates to face masks to vintage thrift and everything in between.

Not only is the market helping to get people out and stir up the economy, they’re also helping out the very community that supports them with a portion of every ticket sold going to The Music Mile Revival Fund. 

“Live music has always been an important aspect of the markets,” McNally explains, “and supporting local music while giving artists a platform to reach their audience in a meaningful way is a cause we can get behind.”

It’s that community spirit that makes the market so well-loved and successful. Will the markets become a more regular, permanent fixture in the future? 

“If COVID has taught us anything,” says McNally, “it’s to expect the unexpected … and have faith in your community … 

“For now we will continue to bring the community together to support arts, culture and local business. That what we know for sure!”

The Inglewood Night Markets run each Friday throughout November at the South Bank Apartment Complex along 9th Ave. in Inglewood from 3 p.m.-11 p.m.. Tickets must be pre-purchased at

Kari Watson is a writer and former Listings Editor of FFWD Weekly, and continues to work within the Calgary arts & culture scene to promote the city’s numerous and varied events. Contact her at