Green Christmas: The pros at Tokyo Smoke can help the family head of every level

At this time of year, at this point in the relationship, having run entirely out of ideas and passable fads for gift-giving — “Wait, was the digital picture frame from  six years ago or eight?” — we must face our new reality and admit we need to ask ourselves one pressing question.

How do we turn mom on to weed?

“I did, I did turn my mom on to weed,” helpfully chimes in Dominick Kapp, store manager of 16th Ave. Canopy Growth cannabis boutique Tokyo Smoke.

Do tell …

No, “Do tell,” you can say to Kapp or another staff member at the gorgeous design-focused Tokyo Smoke shops, which provides the opportunity for would-be patrons to book a one-on-one appointment with their “educators” about what the weed-needer in your life might require — yourself, or your partner, pal, son, daughter, niece, nephew, pops or, yeah, moms.

Margo Mulitsa, district manager for Alberta and Saskatchewan south, notes that the design of their stores, both aesthetically and culturally, is to cater to clients of every level of experienced, making them feel comfy with the cannabis-buying culture and experience.

“We want people to come in, look around, be comfortable with it.”

We can help. Tokyo Smoke gave us a quick one-on-one session with the idea of holiday gift giving in mind. Here are some suggestions.

The Tokyo Smoke Heirloom Stack Pipe ($150.00)

Not to play into the pot-smokers-are-lazy trope, but if you like to simplify your experience, this ashtray, grinder and pipe for dried flower is a great and kinda classy place to start. “See the world through rose-coloured glasses with Tokyo Smoke’s own Heirloom Stack. Designed in Toronto in collaboration with Castor, the stack provides an all-in-one grind, pack and sesh station,” it promises.

“It will make a great gift,” Mulitsa says. “If you’re new to cannabis or maybe if you’re an experienced user, consumer, this will bring joy when you open it on Christmas morning.”

Who for: With the gorgeous pink, glass design, and the practical nature of it, mom might be into it. Or stylish hipsters. So might those who like to make their weed consumption as big of a status deal as a box of Cohibas on the desk.

Van der Pop Calla Multi-Tool ($45)

Pitched as a “joint-rolling aid for all experience levels … this two-piece set helps at every step of the joint-rolling process, for consistently beautiful joints. Its beautiful and compact design make it optimal for on-the-go, or prominently displayed at home.”

Who for: The newbie, the dainty, the aforementioned lazy and those shitty friends who haven’t rolled a tight or passable fatty since that phrase actually made sense.

Edibles and drinkables ($5 to $60)

Mints, tea, pop, gummies, drops, chocolates, fudge — and everything a mom likes!

This, Kapp says, is where he got her hooked on the demon weed.

“It’s a very easy grab and go,” he says of the bites and cans of fizzy drinks. “The THC, there isn’t that much in there; the maximum you can do is 10 mg so it’s an amazing place for people to start ..

“Really with the edibles the idea of it is to get people who haven’t smoked … to get them into trying the effects of it.”

Who for: Gramma wants some cool mints. Sonny wants a soda. Everyone wants a green Christmas.

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