Calgary hot sauce company Hungry Volcano erupts with trio of new flavours

Bring the heat.

Yes, bring a consistent stretch of patio weather, please.

But there’s always a need for a little internal temperature raising with some saucy offerings.

Calgary-based Hungry Volcano is happy to oblige, adding a trio of new condiments to their line of hot sauces, that previously featured tastes for heatseekers such as Acid Rain and Alberta Crude.

“But,” the company promises in the release announcing the new bottles, “these sauces have some new flavours, and some crazy hot peppers like Scorpions, Habaneros, Piquins and Scotch Bonnets.”

The new hot sauces are:

  • Kick ’Em Jenny: “When you want to kick things up a notch (less than a mountain, but more than a molehill), Jenny’s your girl. Not your grandma’s hot sauce; it’s our grandma’s hot sauce – and she was one spicy lady.”
  • Baratangy: “More than a zip, this sauce zaps! But under all the fire and brimstone that the peppers pack, you can still taste the citrus, sugar, tamarind and vinegar – now, how ‘bout that?”
  • Piping Piparo: “Piping Piparo picked a pile of piping hot peppers and just a pinch of it will punish your palate! Some like it hot, but few can handle it this hot.”

Hungry Volcano founder Sam Shivji says of the new concoctions, which are handmade in small batches, “We have a small but mighty team that rolled up their sleeves and put on some gas masks – N95s just don’t cut it when you’re dealing with Scorpion peppers.”You can find the new hot sauces at and the Calgary Crossroads Market.