New green party? Nenshi waits. McIver a go.

—Seems former Alberta Green Party members are trying build something out of the ashes of the defunct political party with a new venture: the Vision 2012 Society. Catchy no?

David Crowe and Madeleine Oldershaw who left the Alberta Greens shortly after a controversial AGM which saw then-leader George Read voted out and transmission line activist Joe Anglin take the reins are both involved with the new venture. The Alberta Greens were de-registered in July 2009 for not filing financial records with Elections Alberta. Lawsuits and hilarity ensued.

Interestingly anyone trying to visit albertagreens.ca will be bounced to the Vision 2012 Society website. Nick Burman the society’s president says the group purchased the domain name after Anglin allowed it to lapse. Fight at the bike racks scheduled after the classbell rings.

— Progressive voters in Calgary are anxiously awaiting word that Mount Royal University prof and Calgary Herald columnist Naheed Nenshi will end months of speculation and officially announce his intention to run for mayor this fall.

Draft Nenshi a Facebook group started by one of Nenshi’s friends dedicated to spurring him into running says Calgarians should expect a video response from Nenshi as early as today. However don’t expect Nenshi a founder of the Better Calgary Campaign to dive in head first yet. He’s still sussing out whether the support goes beyond the 800 or so fans who have joined the Facebook group. Rather expect the vocal critic of city hall to let it be known he is giving a mayoral bid serious thought.

"I’m in no rush" Nenshi said recently. "There’s no need to be in perpetual election mode like this council seems to have been in for three years. The election is almost seven months from now and things will emerge."

If support does firm up a formal announcement will take place in "due course" he added.

— Sticking with the upcoming municipal election Ald. Ric McIver will finally tell Calgarians what they already know: I’m running for mayor everyone! The anticipated proclamation will likely occur at Ric’s Block Party a $150 ticket event slated for April 21 where the three-term alderman will unveil his new vision for Calgary. The event’s poster hints of clowns and elephants and honestly it’ll be a huge let down if there aren’t.