Goings On – Week of Nov 1, 2012

What kinds of bands do you associate with the Eighth Ave piss-den known as Vern’s? For me it’s some sort of terrifying (yet potentially awesome) Forest Lawn beard metal or maybe a sloppy Motörhead tribute act. What I definitely don’t think of is masterfully composed electroacoustic music from Italy but that’s exactly what will be descending into the creepy basement when Alberto Boccardi and Attilio Novellino bring their ambient soundscapes to town on Thursday November 1. Do some Jäger bombs and vibe out I guess.

Boxed in by boring weed raps sing-songy choruses and only one real hit Wiz Khalifa is at this point a rap B-lister. Still that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking him out at the Stampede Corral on Friday November 2. For one thing he’ll probably play “Black and Yellow” more than once (what the hell else is he gonna do?). Plus the fact that former Three 6 Mafia burnout Juicy J is opening means shit is going to get legitimately cray. We trippy mane!

I wish I was telling you that the rap week continued with an appearance from The Pack at Republik on Saturday November 3 but it’s not Lil B’s Bay Area collective hitting town. Instead it’s the Vancouver-based rock duo The Pack A.D. (who were forced to add the “A.D.” because of B’s crew). If you’re a fan of blues-inspired garage jams you’ll be stoked. But don’t expect an appearance from the Based God.

That show kicks off a week of Canadian content that you might even be able to write off on your tax returns. On Sunday November 4 Cancon’s pouty-lipped Winnie the Pooh character Dan Mangan will bring his acoustic swooners to the Epcor Centre joined by The Rural Alberta Advantage . If you only listen to bands that play the folk fest you’ll be happy to relive July in the freezing cold.

Then on Tuesday November 6 former Vancouverite A.C. Newman will play the Republik. Considering the fact that he now lives in the hurricane-shredded dystopia of New York it’s somewhat prescient that he named his latest album Shut Down the Streets . Don’t sic your extreme weather patterns on us Mr. Newman!

Or you could avoid the wrath of his curses and instead make your way up to Brentwood where local post-hardcore trio Stalwart Sons is celebrating the release of a new LP at Weeds Café on Tuesday November 6. Joined by Mahria and Shahman this ahll-ahges show is sure to be a loht of fuhn.

Finally end your Wednesday with some bad vibes and a musical molestation from Montreal-based scuzz rockers Uncle Bad Touch who are hitting the Ship & Anchor on Wednesday November 7. You can always get therapy on Thursday morning.