Scene In the Wild Podcask: Episode No. 13, National Music Centre president and CEO Andrew Mosker (Part I)

When someone has a lot of interesting things to say, you let them.

That’s the reason that this week’s episode of the Scene In the Wild Podcask is Part I of a special two-part chat with Andrew Mosker.

The president and CEO of the National Music Centre and the man who spearheaded Calgary’s iconic new East Village building, Studio Bell — Canada’s home for music — sat down with me in the Wild Rose Brewery Taproom for a lengthy, insightful and incredibly generous conversation.

We wanted you to hear it all.

That’s why we’ve split the interview in two, with this episode featuring more personal aspects of Mosker’s journey, such as his early love of music, what brought him out to Alberta a couple of decades ago, and what made him stay.

We hope you enjoy it and that you’ll return again in two weeks (March 16) for Part II, Scene In the Wild Episode 14.

Thanks, as always, to Wild Rose for supporting the Podcask, to Lorrie Matheson for producing it and to Mr. Mosker for spending some time with me at the Taproom.

If you like what you hear, please find past episodes on the site or it’s downloadable for free from the iTunes store.