Pop Rocks Mini Doughnuts, Cricket Grilled Cheese among new foods hitting the Calgary Stampede midway this year

Go for the rides and rodeo, stay for the food.

Or is it vice versa?

Whatever the case, one of the biggest draws at the Calgary Stampede each and every year is what’s new to nosh on the mouth-watering midway.

The list of delectables has now been announced and there are 50 new temptations awaiting your visit, come July 6 to 15th on the grounds.

Some of them, helpfully put into four different categories, courtesy the Stampede are:


Pop Rock Mini Doughnuts

Hot Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwiches

Deep Fried Pineapple Rings


Deep Fried Banana Peppers

The Big Pickle Tornado

Bacon Onion Bombs


Wine & Cheese

Smoking Charcoal in a Cup

The Hangover Mac and Cheese


Cheesy Chicken Hearts

Cricket Grilled Cheese

Prairie Oyster Balls

Pretty sure the last one is redundant, but nonetheless is says what it is.

It also ensures that those attending the Stampede will find something to challenge their tastebuds and satisfy their cravings — something organizers strive for each and every year.

“When developing the new food list each year, we have one guiding principle; each new food should be an experience,” said James Radke, midway operations manager at the Calgary Stampede. “If a new food offering evokes excitement, delight, nostalgia or thrill, that’s when we know we’ve done our job.”

For a full list of what’s on the menu this year, please click here