Scene In the Wild Podcask: Episode No. 14, National Music Centre president and CEO Andrew Mosker (Part II)

When we sat down with Andrew Mosker in the Wild Rose Taproom for a Scene In the Wild Podcask taping, we knew we’d get a lot of good material from him.

He is, after all, the president and CEO of the National Music Centre and the man who spearheaded Calgary’s beautiful new East Village building, Studio Bell — Canada’s home for music.

So we sat with him, chatted and turned the taping into a two-part Podcask.

On this, the second part and Episode 14 of Scene In the Wild, Mosker tells us how the National Music Centre came to be, how he was inspired to create a home for this country’s music stories, how he got the industry to buy into the idea of Studio Bell in Calgary, and addresses some of the criticisms it and the NMC have received since the building opened in 2016.

I have to thank, as always, Wild Rose for supporting the Podcask, the tireless Lorrie Matheson for recording and producing it, and to Mr. Mosker for spending some time with us at the Taproom.

If you like what you hear, please find past episodes — including Part I, Episode 13 — on this site or you can download them for free from the iTunes store.