Watch the video for Calgary hip-hop artist King Dylan’s new single When the Stars Burn Out

While his stellar skills as an MC are well established, Calgary hip-hop artist King Dylan is now aiming to sit on the iron throne as this city’s finest music video maker

First there was the uber-fun Lego video for his ridiculously catchy rap-pop track Untouchable, from his album Die Tomorrow. Among its accolades were Best Music Video at the 16th annual Independent Music Awards in New York, Best Music Video 2017 at the ISC International Songwriting Competition, and Music Video Of the Year and Pop Recording of the year at the 2017 YYC Music Awards.

You can see why.

And although he’s put away the kiddie toys, he’s still having a blast with the clip to accompany his new single When the Stars Burn Out — from his forthcoming album In The Darkness, We Can Shine, due at the end of May — which he also wrote, shot, constructed and edited.

It features an all-star collection of friends from western Canada’s music community, and, as usual, an exuberant rap-pop singalong that will have you humming and grinning long after the credits roll.

Here’s what King Dylan had to say about the track and video:

“This song to me is about turning your darkness into light, because you have to learn to light your own way when all ambitions, friendships, and energy burns out. So being yourself and letting your own unique qualities shine without fear is the inspiration behind the video.

Filled with wild characters all flying through the unknown of outer space, I had the help of local Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, and Winnipeg artists — all who I felt had a unique characteristic to help bring this space circus to life through their cameo appearances.

Since the moderate success of Untouchable I had a large number of people ask me if I would ever do another Lego music video, but since that’s quite a time-consuming project I thought the ‘cameo’ scenario would be a good place to tease the idea again. Thankfully my stop-motion skills have improved too.”

Enjoy and share.