The night still comes alive in Jubilations’ COVID-era, rock ‘n’ roll, dinner-theatre production

The show must go on. 

As it is at Jubilations, where Night at the Museum of Rock Stars is underway.

And while things might look a little different, it’s still the same beloved dinner-theatre performances people love and remember before the pandemic forced some changes. 

Sure, the stars might not be singing live under current COVID-19 restrictions, but it’s still the cast’s original pre-recorded vocals, and besides a few other minor adjustments, the dinner theatre is still able to put on a great night of entertainment. 

And you know what? Lip syncing is harder than you think. 

“I’m not going to lie, that was something I was really nervous about,” explains Chris Weymouth, who plays Ted McKinley, the museum’s night security guard in the production. It’s his fourth production with the theatre since his debut in 2018. 

“I know lip syncing sounds really easy, but it’s something all of us have never tried before. I thought I would have a harder time lip syncing up there, but we’ve got it down now and it’s a lot of fun.”

That’s not to say he isn’t putting the same energy and focus on his performances; if anything, it takes more concentration and energy toroth those words. 

“I think it’s pretty easy to get lost when you’re just moving your mouth. You know, sometimes you’re lip syncing and just thinking to yourself, ‘I hope I am doing this right. Do I look goofy right now?’ And then you just push those thoughts to the back of your mind and trust that it looks good.”

And it does; in fact, you can’t even tell the singers are lip syncing, as they’ve got it down to an art and a science – and they’re still having fun as much fun as the audience. 

“It’s been tremendous. There are parts where I feel like people get lost in the show, really, and they almost forget that we have to lip sync and that we have to make up for some of these challenges we have,” McKinley says. “I just love the energy the show has right off the top.”

Night at the Museum of Rock Stars is about a museum where the statues come to life one night; and do they ever. Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Diana Ross, Elton John and John Lennon are just a few of the stars that are reanimated, so you know it’s going to be a great soundtrack — lip syncing or not. 

Night at the Museum of Rock Stars runs until Oct. 17, 2020 at Jubilations. For more information, please visit